What is HArtCamp

HArt Camp is an Art Camp with the `H’
`H’ stands for `Heart’ – because we do what we do with passion
`H’ stands for the `Holy Spirit’ who empowers us to do what God has gifted us to do.

HArt Camp   is designed  to help   local church pastors, church leaders, youth workers and ministry teams  discover  the value of creative arts and learn   how to  introduce creative expressions to their existing ministries. Content and methods presented in HART CAMP are better learned by EXPERIENCING them  so it  is best for local church pastors to attend along with their creative teams.

HArt Camp has been a dream of the creative team of DESTINY CITY CHURCH  (formerly First Assembly Roxas Missions)  Spearheaded by  the Movers Youth Group  also dubbed as Chi Alpha Philippines Mob or XAPHM . We finally pioneered HArtCamp2015  last October 2015.  This is an expression of our passion to `serve those who serve’.

(Know more about XAPHM)
Youtube: Chi Alpha Philippines Mob
FB Page: fb.com/XAPHM


HARTCAMP 2016  is coming up this October 25-27, 2016

Hart Camp 2016 logo




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