The Team


The team of workers   headed by Lead Pastors Rey and Zeny Calusay  work together to make HARTCAMP happen.  It is their    passion to serve churches, pastors and leaders that powered   the team  to pursue in pioneering  and continuing HARTCAMP.  During each HartCamp, guests and other master teachers are invited to join the team.



Rey & Zeny Calusay
Rey and Zeny Calusay    are the Lead Pastors of  Destiny City Church of FARM.Inc (First Assembly Roxas Missions,Inc). Even after 38 years of pastoring,   the couple has not stopped to be learners but  continue to be progressive and innovative in   doing the ministry. The church they pastor is  the home of Summer of Service (SOS), a church planting system that mobilizes ordinary believers and the birthplace of BEREAN School of Ministry for Church planters. Rey and Zeny are passionate in serving the Lord and serving those who serve the Lord. Both are speakers for the plenary sessions and master teachers for the URBANIDAD stream  for local church pastors and leaders.

Jireh Calusay
Jireh leads the Worship Music Team of Destiny City Church.  He is the  workshop master for the Music stream and master teacher in Music Production and Voice Projection. Jireh demonstrated giftedness in music  as early as six years old. He is very natural as drummer but he diligently and continuously study to develop his skills as drummer and keyboard player. As a computer programmer, he has incorporated the use of technology in his music. Jireh is also DJ for the HartCamp NyxZoe event.


Joses Calusay
Joses is the Youth Pastor of Destiny City Church  and Alpha Leader at XAPHM. He is the Master Teacher for the Dance and Orality  streams.   He also teaches the master classes on Story Revolution and Events Organizing. Joses is also licensed as Zumba Instructor and is  ZIN member at Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN). Joses’ varied experience in the arts can be traced back to his elementary school years.

Maru Alayon
Maru is the master teacher for the Visual arts stream. Maru  is a well known artist in Roxas City as Basic Cartooning (Manga style) Workshop Facilitator at Stages Dance and Arts Studio and Production Designer at Capiz Educational Theater Company (Tagdagat: Tagapangalaga ng Karagatan).