Our Team

The Team  that will make Hart Camp 2016 Happen:
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Rey & Zeny Calusay
Rey and Zeny Calusay the Lead Pastors of Destiny City Church who are passionate about reaching all people by all possible means and who have selflessly dedicated themselves to  serve those who serve the Lord.

Destiny Creative Team
The creative team of Lead Pastors Rey and Zeny Calusay. Together they make things happen! This bunch of committed people is a collection of professionals who made the choice to be in the service of  King Jesus.

Calusay Brothers: “Ji, Jie, & Jo”
Jireh: the Lord is the Provider. Ben Judah: Son of Praise. Joses: The Lord adds. Jireh, Benjie, and Joses are the three sons of Rev. Rey and Zeny Calusay. All three have answered to the call of God in their lives, serving in the capacities given to them by God. Jireh is Destiny Music Pastor  while  Joses is the Youth Pastor. Benjie currently resides in Iloilo City with his family, pastoring Eternity City Church.

Destiny  Music Team
The team of musicians and vocalists who lead the congregational expression of worship at Destiny City Church.   They model passion  in worship that  sets  the stage  for the Presence of God to come down in the midst of God’s people.

Chi Alpha Philippines Mob (XAPHM) Bardic Council
The “Bards” are the admins of the local Chi Alpha Chapter in Roxas City, Capiz. These collective campus/student ministries are called XAPHM.  The Council is a collection of trained storytellers, artists, entrepreneurs, & churchplanters – mostly having these multiple roles.

BEREAN School of Ministry Students & Alumni
BEREAN is acronym for “Because Eventually Radical Equipping Affects Nations”. It is more than a label. It is our message & mission. This is a generation of ministers awakened past their quitting points and empowered to step out into their calling, until the Lord returns.

Nyx Zoe is “Night Life” in Greek. More than a name, NYXZOE is one of our pioneer passions. This team is determined to redefine the night life scene, to finding real life in Christ Jesus & in the fellowship of disciples.