Spoken Word
Speak for those who cannot speak. Start the spoken word scene in your community! Watch how your Jesus culture poetry can breathe life, healing, and freedom to your listeners. Communicate with purpose and passion!

`On Storying’
God created people. God knows how people learn and remember things. People remember stories better and longer. God wrote the Scriptures. 75% of the Bible is written in a story format. 15 % is in the form of poetry and only 10 % is in analytical reasoning. If God caused the Scriptures to be written in this format, should we not give the Scriptures to the people in the format God have them written? For surely, God wants His people to remember, to learn, to keep and even to share His words with others.
“We have come through a time in history where pastors and Bible teachers have become good at using analytical logic to explain Scriptures. Even though only 10% of the Scripture is written this way, the entire Bible has now been completely outlined – several times! All that the Bible teaches has been captured and put into a system so it can be understood analytically. All of this is good scholarship and important for study. Unfortunately, the general population of the world doesn’t think that way any more – and some never did. They respond best when given the Scripture the way it was written – in a story, poem or song” (Bible Telling User Guide by John Walsh)

Anyone can be a story teller. You can be a story teller. Start it at HArt Camp 2016!

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