Streams are sessions for groups of participants according to their chosen medium for creative arts. Participants are to indicate their choice when when they register.


When people are happy, they dance; when people dance, they are happy. Experience the thrill of building the dance community! Facilitate open ciphers and flashmobs, attracting dancers of all skill levels and genres!

Music is the language of the soul. Spice up your singing career with the lifestyle of an islander, spontaneously bursting out in melodic harmonies! Work out your music team skills, and find out what it means to be a worshipper.

Media Production
Let your light shine. Discover how to plan, shoot, edit, and release high quality media messages. Be a relevant media missionary in this information age – whenever and wherever it is convenient for you, even only using your mobile phone!

Visual Arts
Exhibit your artistic creativity and reflect the creative God! Working with artists are lots of fun and hard work! Know how to gather them, and organize art exhibits and workshops. Whatever medium best suits your community, we’ll draw it all up together.

Spoken Word
Speak for those who cannot speak. Start the spoken word scene in your community! Watch how your Jesus culture poetry can breathe life, healing, and freedom to your listeners. Communicate with purpose and passion!