HartCamp2018 Streams


CULTURE STRstreamsEAMS – streams are a distinctive feature of a HArt Camp. A stream is composed of master classes for groups of participants according to their chosen medium for creative arts or fields where they need to develop knowledge and skill. The following are the choices of streams for a Hart Camp. More shall be added to this list as we discern more needs and when we are ready with master teachers.

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“Tomorrow’s church looks and feels much different from yesterday’s church. The message remains unchanging; however, the methods are ever growing and adjusting to futuring realities. Be curious about the future, and become an explorer to discover new lands and fresh opportunities.” -Sam Chand, about UnBoxed.

“Our role in this evil world is INFILTRATION – not Isolation. We are to invade the world with the gospel. Jesus describes this in His Prayer in John 17: We are NOT of the world although we are IN THE WORLD. He asked the Father to not take us out of the world, but to protect us from the evil one, because He is sending us into the world!
We are doing it wrong, if we have been operating in the church according to the way of fear of contamination, therefore, separation.
How did Daniel survive and thrive while living in the most godless of all cultures -Babylon?”


CONCEPTS In Facing Current Culture with the Gospel.

“Touching Heaven, Changing Earth”

Connecting – without Conforming
Compassion – without Compromise!
Aggressive – without being Abrasive
Faithful – without being Fearful
Truthful – without being Arrogant
Humble – without being Shallow
Patient – without being Lazy