Program Schedule

From registration on October 26 and through the 3-full days of the HART CAMP 2015, participants are in for many surprises. Major features include: Plenary Sessions, Culture Streams, Master Classes, Rallies and Events to remember.

STREAMS  are sessions for groups according to participants’ choice.

MASTER CLASSES  are classes  given to students of  particular disciplines by respective  experts  of the disciplines—usually music,  painting, drama, any of the arts, or on any other occasion where skills are being developed.

PLENARY SESSIONS are meetings at which all members are expected to attend addressing topics applicable and beneficial for all.

EVENTS – Each day of HART CAMP 2015 will be topped by an EVENT  planned to surprise the participants.  Prepare to be part of these  EVENTS that many will surely describe as a`first time experience’.These will be moments to capture that you can’t miss.

October 27 – Color Me Run at sunrise 

October 28 – Electro Run at sunset

October 29 – NyxXoe Mocktail Rave Party


Electro Run Color Me Run



Download copy of program:  HartCamp2015 Daily Calendar