From registration on  through the 3-full days of a  HArt Camp, participants are in for many surprises. Major features include: Events,  Plenary Sessions, Master Classes and  Culture Streams.

EVENTS  – each day of a HART CAMP is  be topped by an  EVENT planned to surprise the participants. To most participants, the  EVENTS will surely be described as  `first time’ experiences. There will be a lot of moments to capture that you can’t miss.

URBANIDAD PLENARY SESSIONS are meetings at which all members are expected to attend addressing topics applicable and beneficial for all. Topics are focused on equipping our church leaders and ministry teams how to effectively reach the cities and urbanized areas.

How ready are we to reach the cities? URBANIDAD became a major feature of HArt Camp since 2016.

PANEL DISCUSSION –  Live discussion about Hart Camp related topics among a selected group of panelists through which participants hear a wide-range of perspectives on given topics, hear support and reasons for those positions.

CULTURE  STREAMS  – streams are  a distinctive feature of a HArt Camp.  A stream is composed of master classes  for groups of participants according to their chosen medium for creative arts or fields where they need to develop knowledge and skill.  The following are the choices of streams for a Hart Camp. More shall be added to this list as we discern more needs and when we  are ready with master teachers. The  following are the 5 major culture streams usually featured in HArt Camp.

When people are happy, they dance; when people dance, they are happy. Experience the thrill of building the dance community! Facilitate open ciphers and flashmobs, attracting dancers of all skill levels and genres!

Music is the language of the soul. Spice up your singing career with the lifestyle of an islander, spontaneously bursting out in melodic harmonies! Work out your music team skills, and find out what it means to be a worshipper.

Media Production
Let your light shine. Discover how to plan, shoot, edit, and release high quality media messages. Be a relevant media missionary in this information age – whenever and wherever it is convenient for you, even only using your mobile phone!

Visual Arts
Exhibit your artistic creativity and reflect the creative God! Working with artists are lots of fun and hard work! Know how to gather them, and organize art exhibits and workshops. Whatever medium best suits your community, we’ll draw it all up together.

Speak for those who cannot speak. Start the spoken word scene in your community! Watch how your Jesus culture poetry can breathe life, healing, and freedom to your listeners. Communicate with purpose and passion! Learn  also how to tell stories of the Bible in an engaging manner.

HARTCAMP2020  will feature the following culture streams named after the master teachers.

DJRev (Music)
MegaBlueprint (Visual Arts:Illustration)
Mosh (Video Production)
Bizvit (Visual Arts:Mural)
Reverb (Beatboxing
Montoro (Cosplay)

              and more……….(as per confirmation of master teachers)


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