2016 THEME and DATES

THEME:  ‘CONSTELLATE’hartcamp 2016  title

To gather together like a cluster of stars!
To unite and to form into clusters of stars!

Latin: stela, STAR.
To flock, huddle and bunch together!

Definition by example:
To “constellate” each other, that is, whenever one shows up it invokes the other.

Creative people: city pastors and leaders, creative teachers, creative teams, musicians, visual artists, dancers, media artists, information-age enthusiasts, the milleneals …. will CONSTELLATE in HArt Camp 2016!

me and the heavnens

DATES: 3 Full Days: October 25-27, 2016

Arrival  and Registration: October 24, 2016,  luch time
Registration & Chill Time @ Robinsons Place, Roxas City    1-7 pm

Kick Off Event: Fun Run early morning of October 25, 2016. Assembly time 4:15 am.

Departure: October 28, 2016

From registration on October 24 and through the 3-full days of HartCamp 2016, participants are in for many surprises!


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