HART CAMP 2016 Events, streams, master classes, exhibits  will be
ALL OVER ROXAS CITY: in malls, coffee shops, parks, beach, learning centers, church hallas,  public plazas, and government facilities.  The following are the confirmed venues for HArt Camp 2016!

Venue for Plenary Sessions and First Evening Event on October 25, as well as of AM Storying Main Stream classes.


Venue for Registration, Exhibits and  for AM Dance Main Stream and  PM Masters Split Classes. Starting point of Sunrise Fun Run of October 25.

Robinsons Place Roxas City has a spacious activity center and has been a regular  venue for Dance workshops, visual arts workshops and flashmobs by XAPHM.  It was the venue for the Dance and Visual Arts streams last  HArt Camp 2015. Robinsons Place will be the venue for Registration for HArt Camp 2016. Participants can have lunch there upon arrival on October 24, 2016 and enjoy some `chill time’ and even shopping.

CITY MALL, Roxas City 
Venue for AM Visuals  Main Stream and  PM Masters Split Classes

Venue for PM Master Class on Spoken Word
Roxas City’s museum is aptly called as PANUBLION Museum. Panublion is a Hiligaynon term for heritage. The museum is located at the center of the Plaza, just across the right side street of the Capitol Building of Capiz. T his repository od Capiz’s of cultural and historical memorabilia and artifacts is a century-old water reservoir, a cylindrical tank that had served as the main water storage facility of residents for decades. Built in 1910 during the administration of Pastor Alcazar, then the president (mayor) of Capiz town (former name of Roxas City), the tank provided water to the people, especially during the dry months. It has been rebuilt and refilled with the rich history, culture, traditions, and arts and craft of Capiz through the years. So this time, its purpose is to quench both the thirst of the new generations’ for knowledge, culture and identity. It also serves as a venue for Capizeños to bring and share their artistry into the public and inspire others to cultivate the inner artist in them.



Venue for Beach Party  on October 27

A  new seaside development from the Seafood Capital of the Philippines – Roxas City, Capiz, THE PEOPLE’S PARK. It is  three kilometers away from the city circle. The place is a favorite weekend spot for the local populace and those coming from nearby towns and provinces. Here, one can watch the beautiful sun as it rise in the morning and as it set in the afternoon.
People's Parl
People's Park

Venue for Nyx Zoe on Ocotber 26

The Grandville   Entertainment Bloc, Located in Arnaldo Boulevard is a compound of several restaurants and entertainment destinations such as Area One, West Bar, Ce Brew Café, Bean LeaF Cafe,    Red Sun Restaurant, Distrito 21 restaurant, Java Club and Soul Super Club.
Since The Bloc  caters to different crowds and ages, it has become  a place where different people  can be in one place all at the same time. It is  a place for everybody wherein the families  can have dinner,  teens  can dance and have fun  at the clubs while    moms and dads have coffee at Ce Brew Café or Bean Leaf Cafe.  Young professionals  spend longer time over  steaks and drinks at West Bar. The bloc is now the  hip night spot in Roxas City.


Venue for Zumba and Opening Activities after the Sunrise Run on October 25

Pueblo de Panay is a 400-hectare Filipino-inspired township development located at the heart of the country’s seafood capital, Roxas City, Capiz. It is a risisng `City within a City’. Its development started in 2011, and as of 2014 has become the site of various residential, commercial, educational, and government establishments. It is an emerging ecotourism landmark through which the proponents hope to combine the amenities of a progressive city and the charm of a small provincial town. To retain and enhance the natural ecosystem within the township, only about half of the area will be developed into commercial uses and eco-tourism attractions. The rest will be landscaped open areas with plains, rivers, hills, and valleys preserved in their natural state.
El Circulo Convention Center is an event venue in Pueblo de Panay with a 360-degree view of the Seafood Capital’s scenic coasts and hills. It is one of the most preferred venues for wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, company functions, and other events in Roxas City.
Link for more: http://www.pueblodepanay.com/about-us

El Circulo

El Circulo View3

Venue for Urbanidad Stream and Master Classes

The Governor’s Hall is in the upper floor of the Capiz Provincial Capitol building. The hall is made available for events of schools and institutions, courtesy of the Capiz Province government. We have secured use of the hall for HArt Camp 2016 as most fitted venue for `URBANIDAD’, the culture stream for city pastors and leaders.

Venue for AM Music Stream and PM Master Split Classes



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