Dates: October 27-29, 2015
Arrival and Registration: October 26, 2015
Venue: Entire Roxas City – Malls, Coffee Shops, Public Plaza, Beach, FARM building
Organized and Hosted by: XAPHM and F.A.R.M.,Inc. 

“Our God is the most creative artist, inspiration is His”
“Discover the value of creative arts in your ministry”
“Take back the arts for the Lord”
“Experience why it’s more fun following God with friends”

HART CAMP is an Art Camp with the  `H’
`H’ stands for `Heart’ – because we do what we do with passion
`H’ stands for the `Holy Spirit’ who empowers us to do what God has gifted us to do.

Creative Arts and the Church
Today, churches face the challenge of how to effectively connect with their communities. Pastors and leaders seek how to invigorate their church services and ministries and how to communicate spiritual truths that are culturally relevant to the modern day audience , especially to the youth.

Pastor and church leaders should not ignore the value of the arts. The arts can open doors and tear down walls. Through purposeful, provocative and fun methods we can reach for Christ people who may not easily respond to a traditional church setting.

The Church should not stay in the shallowness of sameness and predictability
The church must be the most creative entity in the world
Your local church should be the most exciting body in your community.
What can you do to show to your community that your church is the place to be?

HART CAMP 2015 is designed to help you get started
It is designed for local church pastors, church leaders, youth workers and teams serving in varied church ministries. It is best for local church pastors to attend along with their creative teams. Content and methods to be presented in HART CAMP 2015 are better learned by EXPERIENCING them.

http://hartcamp2015.com/registration/JOIN HART  CAMP 2015

Click for Registration Procedure
Or download:  registration form hartcamp2015



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