At HArt Camp 2015, you get to be part of two historic events in Roxas City, 2 city wide events in partnership with Tour de Filipinas: `Color Me Run and Electro Run

(See program for details and be sure to read reminders below these posters)

Color Me RunElectro Run

Color Me Run Reminders:
1. Assembly Time will be 4AM at Grandville.
2. Wear your race bib and sunnies, for a flashy get-up!
3. Please wear white top, preferably XA-representing Shirt.
4. There will be a baggage counter at the starting line, to leave your stuff.
5. Be aware that there will be water, lots of it – before and after the run. Keep electronics safe and bring extra clothes. Being wet will help the color to stick.
6. There will be a Color Blasting at the Finish Festival, at People’s park, Baybay – Make sure to have fun; and smile for the camera!
7. Be reminded that the First Plenary Session will start at 10AM (9AM doors open), be all cleaned up come to FARM by this time.


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