CULTURE STREAMS  are a distinctive feature of a HArt Camp. A stream is composed of master classes for groups of participants according to tstreamsheir chosen medium for creative arts or fields where they need to develop knowledge and skill.  HartCamp 2018  will feature 5 culture streams one of which is URBANIDAD. Urbanidad is a stream  designed for city pastors and leaders.

“Instead of retreating, isolating ourselves, and condemning unbelievers and our culture, Jesus calls us to something very different. He desires that we give ourselves to the understanding of the culture around us; he urges us to stop condemning the world and unbelievers; his passion is for us to listen to his prayer for us, that we might be in the world as he was in the world; he is eager for us to imitate him and to give our lives gladly to love and to serve non-Christians.” – by Jerram Barrs.



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