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MUSIC is one of the   Main Culture Stream Options in HART CAMP 2016

-9 Hours of Music Workshop [also the Art of Live Sound Reinforcement ]
-2 Hours of Masterclasses on Vocals, and various instruments

From Music Stream Master Teacher Jireh Calusay:
Here you are folks. Get excited to learn more this year. This year’s Music stream is special as it will be in partnership with Zion Music school, Inc. and ASLA.  We’ll have legit and really skilled music instructors to do the workshops and masterclasses. So bring your whole music teams and let’s invade the music culture of our nation for God.

Here are the links with download to the audio track:
Instrumental version:…/this-is-living-acoustic-instrument…

Music video produced by Destiny Music Team under Master Teacher Jireh Calusay. Production done in Destiny City Church.


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