Urbanization refers to a process in which an increasing proportion of an entire population lives in cities and the suburbs of cities. The Philippines has more than 1,608 towns and cities with a significant number of conversion of municipalities into cities. In the year 2000, 16 new cities were created and 15 more were converted in the first half of 2001, bringing the total number of cities to 115. By the year 2020, it is estimated that the country will have more or less 600 cities and urban centers. We should realize that most of the people in the last days will be urban people
Sociologists observe that people’s psychology and lifestyles change in an urban environment. The progress to urban mindset and lifestyle and the rise of a category of people `who do not like church and religion’ demand that we consider a new way of approaching people with the gospel and doing church.
This is the reason why we included URBANIDAD as a main feature of Hart Camp since 2016.


Rearrangement and change of chairs have to be done to make room for the big group expected for Urbanidad Stream.

From this

to this




The  bigger team working together for Hart Camp 2018 is composed of the Destiny Team composed of the full time workers of Destiny City Church  and the Berean School of Ministry Batch 27 students.  For months they have worked on every kind of work  to prepare for this event.   Three days to the event, they sat down in a meeting and received inspiration from  the prospect that the effort they are investing for Hart Camp 2018 has the potential to   impact the local churches  and consequently will impact their respective communities.




See you soon Hart Campers 2018! Registration starts at 1:30 pm at Destiny City Church. After confirming  registration, non-Roxas City campers will be   be conducted to  their accommodation assignments.

Any deviations from the schedule will be announced daily. Blessed are the flexible!shedule